July 18, 2024

Ex-CIA Agent Says He Killed Bob Marley For Being ‘A Threat to the Interests of the United States’

Bill Oxley, a former CIA agent, said that he’s responsible for killing Bob Marley.

The legendary reggae singer died from cancer at the age of 36 but Oxley said through direct orders, he gave him the illness.

The now 79-year-old also claimed besides Marley, he assassinated 17 other people for the government organization between 1974 and 1985 — at a time when he said the CIA “was a law unto itself.”

Former CIA Agent Says He Killed Bob Marley
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Plus, he said the CIA wanted to remove anyone who represented “a threat to the interests of the United States,” and he didn’t have any problem carrying out his duty. 

“I was a patriot, I believed in the CIA and I didn’t question the motivation of the agency,” explained Oxley. “I’ve always understood that sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.”

Oxley also said that he gained access to Marley at one of his homes by using fake press credentials and posing as a famous photographer for The New York Times. And he bought him a pair of shoes, which is how how he carried out the assassination.

“I gave him a pair of Converse All Stars, size 10,” Oxley explained. “When he tried on the right shoe he screamed out ‘Ouuuch.’ That was it. His life was over right there and then. The nail in the shoe was tainted with cancer viruses and bacteria. If it pierced his skin, which it did, it was goodnight nurse.”

“There had been a series of high-profile assassinations of counter-culture figures in the United States in the late sixties, early seventies,” he continued. “By the time Bob Marley’s time came around, we thought subtlety was the order of the day. No more bullets and splattered brains.”

Oxley then said that he kept in contact with the singer during his cancer treatment and made sure the advice he received from doctors in Paris and the United States “would hasten his demise rather than cure him.”

“The last time I saw Bob before he died he had removed the dreadlocks, and his weight was dropping like a stone,” he described. “He was very withdrawn, unbelievably small. He was shrinking in front of us. The cancer had done its job.”

Marley passed away in 1981, but five years before there was an assassination attempt on his life and he, his wife and manager were all wounded in a shooting. It’s something that Bob’s son Ziggy talked about in a 2013 interview and hinted that there was more to his dad’s death than first reported.

Plus, Jamaican born-author Marlon James, who wrote the novel “A Brief History of Seven Killings” explained why some people wanted Marley dead.

“[Bob Marley] was very dangerous on all sorts of levels” said James. “He was very dangerous in a very basic way. The idea in 1976 that you would get poor Jamaicans to start thinking for themselves in itself is dangerous.”

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