July 18, 2024

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen meets with Rev. Al Sharpton, reportedly says he is opposed to president’s actions

Rev. Al Sharpton
Rev. Al Sharpton
Rev. Sharpton is a news show host, civil rights activist and author who has had a banner year that celebrated success across many of his endeavors…Click here to read more.

As the Russia-Washington situation grows more convoluted and scandalous by the day comes word that one of the NYC activist community’s most well-known advocates, the former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen met with Rev. Al Sharpton, on Friday and had breakfast.

TheGrio does not know what was served at the meal, but the FBI has a recording of President Donald Trump and in which the two men prior to the 2016 election discussed a payment to a former Playboy model who had an alleged affair with Trump, Rudy Giuliani told CNN.

Sharpton appeared to downplay the meeting, tweeting that he has known Cohen for two decades and Cohen often offered himself up as an intermediary when Sharpton and Trump had a beef.

“I’ve known @MichaelCohen212 for 20 years,” Sharpton tweeted Friday morning. “He was a Democrat. He used to broker meetings between Trump and I when we were fighting.”


Sharpton discussed the Friday breakfast meeting on MSNBC Friday night.

“I received a text from him saying he wanted to meet,” Sharpton said. “We met at a public restaurant and we spoke for over an hour. He was very troubled and felt in many ways cast wrongly. And I feel that he was saying that he had been abandoned by Mr. Trump.”

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Cohen gave the impression he was going to divulge secrets related to Trump, Sharpton told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi.

“He kept saying to me over and over again, ‘Rev., I am going to do what is right for the country and what is right for my family,’ ” Sharpton said. “He was adamant that he was opposed to things that Mr. Trump was doing.”

Sharpton said he felt that Cohen’s outreach to him was meant to send a signal to the president that Cohen was not on the side of the White House.

“Out of all the people he could reach out to, reaching out to me is sending a signal to Mr. Trump and I think, probably, to prosecutors that he was not one who would not deal with someone who has been fighting Donald Trump for decades on social justice issues,” Sharpton said.

The developments are tearing the country apart, Sharpton said Cohen told him.

“He said the country is divided,” Sharpton said. “He said, ‘This is awful and I want to stand up.’ “

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