June 14, 2024

Four Kinds of Foods Harmful to the Brain

As we all know, foods such as milk, fish, carrots, and onions can promote the development of the brain. However, there are also some kinds of foods that are harmful to the brain. Studies have shown that, if you often eat the following four categories of foods, it will make the brain lags in response and slow-witted, and even may reduce the memory.

First, too salty foods
The physiological need of salt by human body is very low, with less than 7 grams per day for adults, and less than 4 grams per day for children. Often eating too salty foods can damage the arteries, affect the blood supply to the brain tissue, which will make the brain cells stay under the ischemic and hypoxic condition for a long term, leading to memory loss and premature aging of the brain.

Second, foods containing lead
Lead can replace the activity status of other minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc in the nervous system, so it is a great “killer” of the brain cells. Foods containing lead mainly include popcorn, preserved duck eggs, and so on. You should pay attention that the “lead-free preserved duck eggs” doesn’t mean it contains no lead at all, but just lower than the national standard. As a result, you should also not eat too much of it.

Third, foods containing peroxidized lipids
This kind of foods include the foods which have been fried in the oil with the temperature above 200 ℃, or the foods that have been exposed under the sunlight for a long time, such as smoked fish, roasted ducks or geese, which all contain a lot of peroxidized lipids. If eating too much of these foods, it will make the peroxidized lipids accumulate in the body, which will destroy the metabolic system of certain enzymes, leading to the premature aging of the brain, or dementia.

Fourth, foods which contain a large amount of saccharin and monosodium glutamate (MSG)Too much intake of saccharin will bring damage to the brain cells. Small amount of MSG is safe and good to human health. But for the infants who have not reached one year old, and the pregnant women during late pregnancy, they had better not to eat MSG. If the infants eat MSG, it is likely to cause the necrosis of brain cells; while if the pregnant women eat MSG, it may lead to the zinc deficiency of the fetus, which may further affect the intellectual development of baby.

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