April 19, 2024

Health Diet – Eat to Increase Your Brain Function Resulting in Better Concentration

It is always important to stick to a healthy diet, this will give us a feeling of well-being and increase our energy levels as well. We all know that there are certain foods or drinks that can interfere with our brain function and cause loss of concentration and/or memory, but the real question here though is – are there foods out there that can increase our brain function which will result in better concentration? The answer is a resounding YES! to that question.

A) What are brain foods and how are they used?

The following nutrients are used by the brain:

* carbohydrates – for energy
* omega 3 – for formation of cell structure
* Vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid – these help manufacture and release a chemical [known as neurotransmitters]
* vitamin C, E and beta-carotene [rich in antioxidant properties] – protect brain cells from damage due to free-radicals found in environmental pollution

B) Brain Foods to eat and why

1) Spinach – this assists with age related problems [including decline in function] and may lessen damage from strokes and neurological disorders. Spinach also protects the brain from oxidant stress [as a antioxidant]

2) Eggs – containing choline [a component of fat-like molecules] egg yolk is partly responsible for general brain function and health. Choline deficiency is said to contribute to Alzheimers and age related mental declines

3) Sweet potatoes – rich in vitamin B6, C, carbohydrates and beta-carotene this vegetable is pretty important to the functioning of the brain [see A above]

4) Yellow fin tuna – rich in omega 3, vitamin B [known as niacin]. The omega 3 fatty acids help keep the cell membranes flexible, thus maximizing the intake of all the important nutrients needed, while niacin protects against Alzheimers

5) Strawberries – rich in vitamin C, strawberry eaters have better motor skills and a higher learning capacity and their brain is protected in the fact that age-related function decline is reduced

6) Cranberries – improvements in memory, balance and co-ordination have been noted in people consuming this sour berry, this berry also protects the brain from free-radical damage

7) Kidney beans – containing thiamine, needed for synthesizing choline, and inositil which is believed to improve mood disorders

8) Loin of lamb – rich in vitamin B12 [see A above] and iron [iron deficiency can cause problems with concentration and other mental performances]

9) Wheat germ – Rich in vitamin E [see A above] and selenium which are both powerful antioxidants, it also contains choline and magnesium making this food a powerful brain nutrient

There are probably a few brain foods that I have missed but as you can see by what I have jotted down, there are enough brain foods out there to give you the concentration kick you are after.

Candice is a full time author and loves to write about her interests. These include a variety of diets, be it for weight loss or for the benefit of ones health she puts pen to paper. She also loves shopping, bowling, beading, dabbles in the forex market and enjoys internet marketing. You can visit her at 22 Inch Rims to find the 22 Inch rims you have always wanted.

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