May 19, 2024

Indian Politics

The Indian political system has come a long way since it got independence in 1947. Forming a constitution in itself was a great achievement and the first step to development. Though India is still developing, but it can be said that she has come a long way since independence.

She is standing tall on her feet after being a crippled colony for over a century by building the constitution, forming central and state governments and building the whole concept of administration and economy starting from zilch, which is a great achievement. Sadly though, the current state of politics has nullified the effect of these initial steps and the people of India itself abhor the administration phenomena altogether.

From Indians standing united against the British rule we have come to a point where we are now nothing more than some communist standing only for grouped sections of society. It wouldn’t be wrong if I replace the ‘way’ in the above sentence with ‘wrong way’.

Indian politics is now not only synonymic with corruption, red tape-ism, and opportunist leaders, there is more to it. There are leaders still, who do their bit religiously and not for the benefit of some sect. The government today stands on support of many hands, that for some is a disadvantage, and in some cases it is so, but in others, doesn’t it simply means joining hands for the betterment of the country?

The Indian politics has attained such a pessimist’s attitude lately that it has become hard for the Indian public to believe in this republic and her leaders!

Indians just don’t see anything positive in the steps taken and reforms adopted. Maybe it’s just a bitter effect of the bad experiences in the past! But I think that Indians should not give up hope. We are equally responsible for the current state of India as much as the leaders.

We don’t act in responsible ways.

We don’t vote.

We don’t protest against things they think are wrong.

We don’t behave responsibly and litter around anywhere that they possibly can.

We don’t treat public property properly!

If I go on in this fashion, the list would be endless but the punch that I want to make here is not the complaining that we all can do, but the effort.

Lets all stand tall to remove all the loopholes!!

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