July 14, 2024

Lupe Fiasco Defends ‘Dirty Jewish Execs’ Lyric, Threatens to Stop Making Music

Lupe Fiasco (Eva Rinaldi/Flickr)
Lupe Fiasco (Eva Rinaldi/Flickr)

Rapper Lupe Fiasco announced he will no longer release music after a slew of Twitter users criticized him over a lyric calling out Jewish music executives. The MC shared a new freestyle called “N.E.R.D.” Monday, Dec. 12, before fending off accusations of anti-Semitism for the lyrics, “Artists gettin’ robbed for their publishing/By dirty Jewish execs who think that it’s alms from the covenant.”

After the song’s release, many Twitter users blew up Fiasco’s mentions, detailing why they had issues with the description.

Susan Felicity used history to explain why she had a problem with the lyric.

Netherlord Sam wondered why the adjective could not have been omitted.

Drummer Boy Duncan compared it to a racist description of Black people.

But Fiasco stood by the lyric.

The rapper cited his own immersion in Jewish culture in defense of the description.

Fiasco said he heeded the warnings his Jewish friends to not be a sucker.

On Tuesday, Dec. 13, Fiasco said SoundCloud had removed “N.E.R.D.” but a glimpse on the page on Wednesday revealed it had been reposted on the 13th.

The rapper announced he was done putting out music, deeming the poor reaction a hint from a higher power. That means the three albums slated for release this year won’t come. However, Pitchfork reported the MC has quit music before, in 2012, but later released another album and an EP in 2015.

Afterward, Fiasco gave love to fans who thanked him for his music. However, he refused to explain himself or apologize to Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League, who questioned why he was promoting anti-Semitism.

The Chicago artist’s lyric and subsequent online statements refer to Jewish business moguls who control the music industry and have a heavy hand in the careers of many hip-hop acts, like Island/Def Jam’s Lyor Cohen and the late Jerry Heller, who helped launch N.W.A. However, Fiasco is not the only hip-hop artist to have voiced concern over the matter. In 2013, rapper Scarface lamented the changing content of the genre and blamed white label heads for it.

“There’s no f—— way that you can tell me it’s not a conspiracy against the Blacks in hip-hop,” he told Hardknocks TV. “You put out f——- records that make us look stupid. You make us look dumb.”

Stream N.E.R.D. below.

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