May 29, 2024

Meek Mill covers XXL’s Fall 2018 issue penning powerful letter about race and justice

Meek Mill
Meek Mills performs during the Bacardi untamable house party on November 20, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Bacardi)

In an emotional letter written to his 19-year old self, rapper Meek Mill keeps it unapologetically real for the fall cover story of XXL latest issue.

“I know, right now, life is tough, but you have to believe me when I say it’s only temporary. You will not be a victim of your circumstance. Your struggles are just building you a greater tomorrow,” he writes.

The Philly native was jailed in November 2017 for violating his probation, but was released five months later after several A-listers, including Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kevin Hart rallied for his freedom.

The award-winning rapper has transformed into an advocate for criminal justice reform and offers advice to his younger self, as well as telling him about the superstar life he would lead just 12 years later.

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“You will set the rap game on fire. What if I told you that you will record with Mariah Carey? Or that you’ll buy a Ferrari after coppin’ the Rolls Royce?”

“That fly s*** is cool but you wanna know what tops it all? Mom never having to worry about money again because you believed in yourself.”

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Meek goes on to express the importance of focusing on his talent, identifying a purpose, and remembering there is always a silver lining. With that said, his life lessons don’t end there. They also include notes about the struggle for Black people becoming increasingly harder over the next decade, but realizing he could be a part of the solution.

“You can be that mirror to the youth, the example that it is possible to turn two handcuffs into an Audemar and a Rollie.

“You have the ability to turn your mugshot into a flashlight that exposes an incredibly unjust judicial system.”

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Meek Mill, whose real name is Robert Williams, is set to be honored at the 9th Annual Triumph Awards (Oct. 9), which celebrates distinguished individuals who use their talent and resources to empower their community.

Mill ends his letter with an inspiring reminder, saying folks are depending on him to represent.

“Think about how abandoned the folks sitting in jail for a crime they didn’t commit feel. Think about how you felt.

“Then sprint toward your throne as if your life depended on it because many other lives do.”

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