July 18, 2024

Moral Politics

Young men and women registering and flocking to Obama.

Faith and politics are always strange bedfellows. So what’s going on here? Is this a shepherd leading his flock of the faithful or misguided youth?

The current regime is old politics, old Washington. It is not totally out of step with many of the times, but represents a tired format. Young people are looking for something new, something fresh. And something they can believe in.

The world the younger generation has grown up in is largely relativity with no absolute truth. The world is spinning and there just isn’t must to hang onto. Along comes a charismatic individual with what seems like fresh ideas. No matter how thin the ideas are, they are something different. A spoon-fed generation relies on others to stimulate and educate them. So much news, so many sources. Who is telling the truth? Who can they believe? Skepticism rules. The good old boys are just putting down our new hope because he does not fit the mold. They are afraid of him.
Dialog with the younger generation is fascinating. Each of them possesses a plethora of facts. For many, social issues like taking care of the poor, the needy and the homeless are of utmost importance. The perception is that the liberal contingent has the answers to social ills. But do they?

What has the liberal agenda done for the poor and needy? Some say it has entrenched them deeper into the ghetto and poverty. Reliance on a government handout has not solved any of these problems. Welfare, food stamps and subsidies have created an entitlement generation of poor and needy. Having spent a lot of time in Russia after the fall of Communism I have seen socialism up close and personal. Men and women are created with a need for love, acceptance and self-worth. Socialism dashes this need and creates a dependent class of people not capable of extracting themselves from the clutches of the government. Nor do they desire to be rescued from that grip after a period of time.

So what is the flock flocking to anyway? To new ideals? Or to old ideas wrapped in a new glitzy, programmed veneer? My daddy used to say, “Beware of the hype, they are after your money.” In this case they may be after your soul and it’s not good to sell out to the wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Jim attended Va Tech, graduating in 1965. He fulfilled his military obligation serving at Aberdeen Proving Grounds and spent a year in Vietnam. Returning from the war as a decorated Captain, Jim entered the Harvard Business School, graduating in 1970. Currently Jim is the Arizona Director of Development for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the largest student organization in the U.S. Jim has had a passion to see America return to her strong Christian heritage. That passion prompted him to write A Time To Vote. Jim and his wife Carol have been married for 43 years. They have two married children and four granddaughters. They reside in Phoenix, AZ. http://www.atimetovote.com/

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