April 19, 2024

Pres. Barack Obama isn’t trying to hear people’s weak excuses for not voting

(Screenshot via ATTN)

Former President Barack Obama says you ain’t gotta go home, but you gotta get straight to the polls this election.

In a new video with ATTN:, Obama reads seven excuses people give for why they’re not going to cast their ballots– and shuts each one down perfectly.

“Excuse #1: I don’t care about politics…That’s what people in power are betting on.space“>  That you’ll check out.  That you won’t vote.  And when you opt out that’s what essentially allows other people to fill that void,” Obama said.

“So if you really wanna throw a wrench in their plans, throw them out. Vote in somebody better,” he continued.

To the excuse of not being able to “relate” to the candidates, #44 breaks down the record number of women running for office, as well as growing diversity in the candidate pool, whether it’s via youth or sexual orientation.

“This year more than any other year you have the chance to change the face of politics… So that it looks more like your own,” Obama said.

Beyond looking like he has maximum glow from full nights of sleep and running the globe with Forever FLOTUS Michelle, Obama seems in good spirits in the video.  Ever the optimist, even in the midst of chaos, Obama wraps the video encouraging people to vote early.

“Which is like going to a private Jay-Z and Beyonce concert… Just without Jay-Z and Beyonce,” he jokes.

Watch the full video below and more importantly, make sure you’re registered to vote at Vote.org.

Deadlines have passed in some states but there is still time in others to do your part.

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