July 18, 2024

Soledad O’Brien savegely shut down a CNN reporter on Twitter and we weren’t ready

Soledad O’Brien (Photo by Joe Kohen/Getty Images)

CNN’s ratings are down and former anchor Soledad O’Brien minced no words in telling us all why she thinks that is.

Yesterday O’Brien released a series of tweets at CNN reporter Chris Cillizza after he wrote a brow-raising item on CNN titled, “Donald Trump is producing the greatest reality show ever.”

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In the piece, Cillizza compares the mass exodus of Trump administration staffers to Survivor or Bachelor contestants and outlines various “plot twists.” The article first discusses the latest departure of White House economic adviser Gary Cohn, then moves on to referencing former communications director Anthony Scaramucci, Chief of Staff John Kelly, and the lawsuit from porn star Stormy Daniels.

“You can leave reality TV,”Cillizza wrote.  “But reality TV never leaves you.

“The truth is that even Mark Burnett couldn’t create such a high-profile reality show with this much drama, this many personalities and this high of stakes,” he continued later in the article. “This is a project only Donald Trump could make happen.”

O’Brien, who left the network in 2013, angrily released a barrage of tweets directed at Cillizza, criticizing the piece and admonishing him for the method he used to tell the story.

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For a second it seemed as if all parties intended to keep things cute. But then it became very clear that wasn’t going to last very long.


It gets even more testy from there.

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And then Twitter had a field day because – well it’s Twitter!







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