June 18, 2024

Source: Putin believes ‘House of Cards’ is based on fact

Source: Putin believes House of Cards is based on fact news 1x1.trans

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In case you are behind the times, House of Cards is a fictional series about a president with Machiavellian skill at getting what he wants.

Ask Vladimir Putin though and he will tell you that this is no fiction, the show in based on reality. He even told his defense chiefs to watch it in order to get a better understanding of politics and politicians in America.

Speaking before the release of the fifth season of the popular show, Michael Dobbs, whose novel inspired the series said, “Clearly they think it’s a documentary.”

“Apparently the Russian president told his new minister of defense to watch the series so that he can understand what goes on in America.”

Dobbs who is also an executive producer on the show said that Putin is just one in a long list of world leaders who is addicted to the drama. He said that President Xi of China also shared his love of the show with him.

The newest season of the Kevin Spacey led nail biter, is the first since the election of Donald Trump.

— ‘House of Cards’ seems to address Trump: ‘Democracy is overrated’ — 

This season will deal with Russia to some extent, which will either see the Kremlin entertained or enraged.

Dobbs doesn’t want to give away any plot spoilers but he did say, “I think you will be gobsmacked as to how up-to-date and contemporary the whole thing feels despite the rapid pace of events in the political world.

“All I would say is that we had a very hard time making sure the drama matches the documentary. I think we have done it and I am really happy with the series.”

He feels the show could be a bridge builder.

“In a world where our political leaders seem to be increasingly at loggerheads, how important might it be over the coming years that on different sides of the planet and in different systems and in different societies the people can actually share something in common?”


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