July 14, 2024

Think: The Message Movement


Media affects the way we think, feel, and behave. Used responsibly, they present unprecedented opportunities for connecting, sharing, and learning. Unfortunately, many of our youth command the power of these tools without the necessary media literacy and critical thinking skills to navigate them safely. The result is a host of negative outcomes and public health issues that affect their quality of life and prospects for the future.

The Message is a movement to empower teens to become empowered adults. We equip them with 21st century life skills through nontraditional programs that employ live music and popular culture as vehicles for learning. Our work focuses on media literacy, critical thinking, and healthy decision making as keys to unlocking success in every area of life.

Teenagers are more vulnerable to media influence because they are still developing, cognitively and emotionally.


  • Studies suggest that teens fall short when evaluating credibility in digital media space, failing both to recognize and properly interpret advertising.


  • More than half of the respondents in a Pew Internet survey of over 2,000 middle and high school teachers rated their students’ ability to assess quality and accuracy online as either “poor” or “fair.”

Media play a significant role in the use of alcohol –the number one drug associated with teen car crashes– and other drugs among young people.


  • Studies show that youth drug use increases when the perceived danger of using drugs decreases.


Our mission is to empower teens to think critically, make wise life choices, and become successful adults. We accomplish this by helping them analyze and evaluate the voices that shape their world and influence them the most— media. We facilitate thoughtful interactions between youth and the media they love, and help them recognize and harness the power of their own identity and voice. Our approach aims to prepare them to be leaders and independent thinkers, creative problem solvers, and astute consumers and creators of media.


We believe the most powerful punctuation known to humanity is the question mark. Questions are gateways to exploration, knowledge, and discovery. Without them it is impossible to grow– intellectually, emotionally, spiritually or otherwise. 


We believe strong families and communities begin and end with healthy communication. The capacity to effectively share and exchange our ideas, emotions, and opinions in a variety of ways is not a luxury or an option. It as an absolute necessity to coexist and grow with other people in a connected world. 


We believe creativity gives inspiration the arms and legs it needs to operate in the world. It is the life blood of all invention in every sector of life, from technology to popular culture. Our passion is to provide the oxygen necessary to grow creative sparks into artistic flames that light our darkest moments. 

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