April 23, 2024

Tomi Lahren’s patriotic yoga pants line happen to be made in China

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Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren is being dragged this week after it was revealed that she is selling patriotic, USA inspired yoga pants that were reportedly made China.

According to MSN, the Fox News personality recently announced her new ‘Freedom’ clothing range with active wear brand Alexo Athletica. The line includes $90 yoga pants which feature a handy pocket to hide a small weapon instead of a holster.

For those who love God, Guns and Country and are proud to show it. Freedom,” the 27-year-old recently tweeted to her followers. 

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In her promo video, Lahren gushes about how her clothes are empowering and claims that purchasing her garments is a concrete way of “supporting your president, your country.”

“The young people they want something that says, I’m proud to be an American, I believe in freedom, I love the United States military,” Lahren says in the clip. “That’s what these patterns really represent.”

However, since the launch, consumers looking to support American brands have asked Lahren to confirm where her clothes are made; a question that she’s seemingly dodged.

Twitter user Robyn Pennacchia finally cracked the case when she retweeted a conversation about someone selling a separate piece of Alexo Athletica clothing online after quizzing the buyer about the materials used.

The pants are made where?

The response to that inquiry was: “It’s 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex. Made in China though.”

To which user MurDogg confirmed: “Having a hard time finding where these clothes are made. Looking on the website and can’t find “made in USA” anywhere.”

In the wake of the recent mass shootings, Lahren has previously faced backlash for even partnering with the brand whose clothes include built-in gun holsters. But responded by she reiterating her belief in the Second Amendment stating, “I think there are a lot of young girls out there that don’t feel like they have a brand that represents their freedom. They don’t believe they have a brand that represents their rights.”

But she still has yet to address the fact that her American brand wasn’t made in America.

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