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African American Golfers Digest
Devoted to the growing amount of African Americans nationwide who have a passion for the sport of golf.

American Legacy Magazine
Publishes African-American history and culture, factually and positively; material that is both informative and inspirational.

Black Bride & Groom Magazine
This magazine is a staple for African American couples as they venture into the world of wedding experiences, décor, honeymoon hotspots and pre/post-marriage predicaments.

Black Enterprise Magazine
The premier business, investing, and wealth-building resource for African Americans. This magazine is the largest and oldest print resource for Black entrepreneurs.

Black Family Digest
Offers valuable advice, tips, stories, quotes, and information for couples and children to use to become smarter, healthier & happier!

Black MBA Magazine
The official magazine of the professional organization National Black MBA Association, which leads in the creation of economic and intellectual wealth for Blacks.

Crisis Magazine
Dedicated to being an open and honest forum for discussing critical issues confronting people of color, American society and the world in addition to highlighting the historical and cultural achievements of these diverse peoples.

Cuisine Noir Magazine
As the first food and wine lifestyle magazine for African-Americans, Cuisine Noir is a unique and entertaining monthly online publication that combines culinary traditions with new cultural experiences.

Diverse: Issues In Higher Education
Formerly known as "Black Issues in Higher Education", this magazine is America’s premier news source for information concerning these vitally important issues.

DiversityInc Magazine
The leading publication on diversity and business, this magazine offers exclusive articles and columns about the African American experience with racism and discrimination.

Ebony and Jet Magazines
Offers commentary, perspective and analysis on politics, culture and the arts. Our goals is to provide a unique and engaging forum to explore the impact of the world on African Americans and the impact of African Americans on the world.

Entrepreneurs of Color (E.O.C.) Magazine
This publication is a monthly released magazine geared towards spotlighting entrepreneurs & business owners of African descent, while educating entrepreneurs & business professionals alike.


Essence Magazine
The preeminent lifestyle magazine for today’s African-American woman, reaching nearly 8 million readers every month.

Harlem World Magazine
Chronicles Harlem celebrities, culture, fashion, lifestyle, health, sports, news, business and philanthropy. It serves as a portal to a growing, young, trend-setting, multicultural audience.

HBCU Connect – The Magazine
Free magazine that targets alumni who attended historically black colleges and universities. Discusses entertainment and social issues.

Heart and Soul Magazine
The pre-eminent brand to promote the physical, mental, spiritual and financial well-being of black women and their families.

Hip Hop Weekly
This African American magazine is the first-ever weekly publication featuring news about the hip-hop industry. Readers are engaged in celebrity gossip, news, and music reviews.

Journey To Wellness Magazine
An online health magazine for African Americans. Visitors can read intriguing articles, and listen to audio clips about health care information targeted to ethnic minorities.

King Magazine
Lifestyle and entertainment for Black men with interests in video games, sports, women, and hip-hop music.

Monarch Magazine
Dedicated to reflecting affluent African American professionals and their lifestyles. Presents information each month about Black culture, taste, values and interests expressed.

New Vision (NV) Magazine
A national, bi-monthly, business magazine for urban professionals, entrepreneurs and forward thinkers. NV magazine has been created as more than a business magazine for urban professionals.

Real Health Magazine
This quarterly magazine is a leading online and offline resource for African American health. Readers enjoy unique content about fitness, nutrition, and a broad range of health issues affecting black families.

Target Market News Magazine
The only trade magazine devoted exclusively to African-American marketing and media news and issues. Each issue includes news, and the latest research/trends on African-American consumers.

The Network Journal
Provides news and commentary on issues that affect the growth of business and the advancement of professionals in the workplace.

The Source Magazine
Branded as the Bible of Hip-Hop culture and politics. Features music reviews, exclusive interviews, and commentary about artists and the independent music industry.

Upscale Magazine
Lifestyle publication for affluent African American interested in entertainment, family values, and recreation.

This popular and veteran hip-hop magazine is the preeminent brand in urban and music culture, which was founded by Quincy Jones in 1993.

XXL Magazine
Popular resource for Hip-Hop culture, music, and lifestyles. Offers news and exclusive pictures of celebrities, their cars, and their homes.

Reach All the Black Magazines
Extensive press release distribution to all the Black Newspapers, Magazines, TV and radio stations for just $150. Nearly 40,000 journalists and bloggers at nearly 1,000 media outlets.

What Is A Black Magazine?
A Black magazine is a publication with articles and commentary that appeal to African Americans. The content is usually written in a way that most appeals to individuals that understand Black culture. In addition to relevant content, the magazines feature extensive images and photos to appropriately represent the audience being served.
Why Do They Exist?
Black magazines exist because many mainstream magazines do not discuss issues that are important to African Americans. Mainstream magazines rarely feature pictures of African Americans – something very important to any minority group. Many of the magazines were created in a time when discrimination and racism in the United States was prevalent.
African American Magazines are great tools to use by advertisers to better target their marketing campaigns. Knowing that all the readers of a magazine are Black, enables a marketer to develop a campaign that solely speaks to this audience – which, in turn, enhances the effectiveness of the ad. This type of marketing, often referred to as targeted marketing, is used by major corporations to target different groups of people based on ethnicity, age, sex, and other demographics.
How and When Did the First Ones Get Started?
The first Black magazine was the Negro Digest started by John Johnson in the 1940’s. He later change the name to Jet Magazine, which is still in publication today. Johnson also started Ebony Magazine, and is credited for establishing the industry and for encouraging advertisers to support Black media. In the 1970’s, Earl G. Graves started Black Enterprise Magazine which also continues to be published. In the 1980’s, Essence Magazine was launched – and then hundreds of others followed.

How Many of Them Are There?
Many Black magazines come and go, but at any given time – there are about 200 different ones in circulation. Many are local and small, but there are quite a few that are nationally-distributed. They exist in the United States and Canada, and its not uncommon to hip-hop magazines in countries such as Russia and Japan. Also, in a recent documentary by Aron Ranen about the black hair care industry – it was revealed that black hair magazines are popular in Korea.

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