July 19, 2024

Trolls Attack Toya Wright’s Cute Pic of Baby Reign, Fans Rise to the Bait and Respond

Toya Wright doesn’t even need to address the haters anymore. Her fans had her back when Internet trolls attacked her infant daughter Reign Rushing‘s looks.

Reign Rushing

Wright snapped some adorable photos of her baby girl with her cousin. The cousins are seen in the photo wearing similar black and red outfits. Reigny wears a black-and-red sweater with black leggings and an adorable red bow. Reign’s cousin Elle sports cute black bows on her head with a red sweater and black leggings.

The reality mom shared the photo to her Instagram on Wednesday. In her caption she wrote, “Reign & Elle’ #cousins #christmas2018 Outfit: @snobkids Shoes:@childsplayclothing.”

Although Wright thought her baby looked adorable haters, couldn’t help but talk trash about the 6-month-old.

“F*ck wht she wearing , shes not cute at all @toyawright. They gotta stop lying to you !!”

“Toya baby not cute at all sorry not sorry yall need to stop lying lmao you could put Gucci and all those name brand clothes on that this lil girl knows nothing about and she gonna look the same by the way don’t know why ppl feel the need to post their baby so much on social media shout out to the ones that keep it limited”

But the trolling did not go unchecked as the fans clapped back hard.

“Clearly you are one of Satans Spawns or Satan Himself or Herself. Satan is always mean, jealous, hidden, miserable and ignorant. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TOYA TO YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY????”

“What type of miserable person are you to go after a child. Her mother worked for the money to buy her daughter whatever she damn well please and it’s not costing you a dime so why do you care.”

Although the innocent child is almost certainly unaware of the comments or the internet, many of the fans gave reassuring comments about how cute and adorable little Reign and her cousin are. One fan said, “They look like they could be sisters they are so cute !!! ??” Another fan said, “Reign and her father are twins. She’s a cutie pie!❤️??”


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