June 18, 2024

Unprovoked Violence Isn’t A Answer

One cannot discuss unprovoked violence without discussing genocide. Genocide is defined by dictionary.com as: The deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.

Why is this important?

Once African Americans achieved emancipation in 1863, racists were so terrified that they used any excuse to ostracize and kill as many African Americans whenever possible. Those accused of crimes were often murdered by racist gangs that often included police officers. Those who had differing political views were often gang beaten, lynched, or otherwise assassinated. This genocide was so prevalent, no one was immune. In fact, US courts have held the United States Federal Government directly responsible in the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

African Americans were brutally beaten and murdered by racists. This happened because they believed in a political ideology that would eventually become the foundation of the United States Democratic party and progressive values. These values became so popular, they inspired many the world over to stand against oppression.

Standing against Unprovoked Violence inspired the passage of federal legal protections to protect various groups from discrimination of any kind.

However, since Trump’s Presidential Victory… some progressives have clearly abandoned traditional progressive values in favor of committing acts of unprovoked violence against Trump supporters.

A homeless black woman was brutally verbally and physically attacked for advocating Trump in California.

The Daily Caller reported a brief list of other completely substantiated attacks against Trump supporters.

Richard Spencer…a self admitted racist…was assaulted by a liberal while filming a documentary. In doing so, his assailant made this racist a hero by demonstrating how violent and unhinged liberals have become. As a Latino, I’ll never support discrimination against any group…but my beliefs require me to defend whites…even if they’re bigots…against unprovoked physical attacks.

That Spencer is a racist should be enough to discount him and anything he says…he doesn’t need to be physically attacked to make a point.

By repeatedly committing acts of unprovoked violence against Trump supporters, progressives lose the moral high ground with those on the fence while also losing credibility with their base supporters. Studies have shown that the greatest indicator in whether a child grows up to be a criminal is determined by whether or not they were victimized as a child. This demonstrates, contrary to popular belief, the oppressed can, and often do, become the oppressor.

One of the main problems is that too many activists and protestors refuse to do the three things that would put an end to much of the right wing bigotry in the United States. First, they refuse to vote. Without a vote, you have no say in who gets power. Secondly, progressives need to learn debate tactics more sophisticated than name calling, pleas for free-speech censorship, and other personal attacks. They need to learn the issues…on both sides of the table, so they can credibly speak out against them. Finally, they need to get a thicker skin…as long as progressives remain easily triggered and angered…they will fail.

The right won the Presidency…not because Trump was a better candidate. The Presidency was the Progressives to lose. Trump won the Presidency because he trolled the left’s identity politics until they became so enraged that they abandoned their progressive values in favor of exclusively defending identity politics. Had they stopped to think about this…for even a moment…they would’ve realized that in defending their core values and their core base of voters, identity politics would’ve also been successfully defended.

Here’s a map of the County by County Election results from the 2008 election:


Here’s the County Election Results for the 2016 Election:


Because the left abandoned their core values, many Obama voters…voters who voted for him for both terms…voted for Trump.

While many have called Trump supporters racist bigots, these election maps clearly demonstrates this isn’t the case. When you abandon your values…your supporters abandon you…it’s that simple. This mistake may have set back civil rights for decades.

If progressive values are to survive, then we must take a hard stance against unprovoked violence and other forms of bigotry…even when committed by liberals. If we don’t, Tea Party politics will continue to prevail.

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