June 22, 2024

Watch white supremacist loser get blasted by his own dad during hateful livestream

White Supremacist gets shut down by dad thegrio.com

Jason Kessler, the hot-headed racist who leads the Unite the Right organization, does his dirty work behind closed doors—in his parent’s house.

—Murder trial for Texas police officer who killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards to begin today—

After a recent report revealed that most white supremacists are losers, Kessler fit the bill of being one after his dad barged in his room and embarrassed him by interrupting his live-stream.

“Hey! You get out of my room!” Kessler’s dad is heard yelling once he realized his son was being racist again.

“I’m sorry I’m having an issue here,” Kessler says on camera to white supremacist Patrick Little, and former Senate candidate from California.

“Hey, you got a drunk roommate?” Little asks.

“Something like that,” a humiliated Kessler replied.

Little teased: “Clean your room.” He added, “I’m going to assume that’s a parent there. I’m not sure.”

Kessler continues to get roasted by his dad: “Don’t do sh-t like that in my room!”

“I want this to stop in my room Jason, this is MY ROOM!”

When Little asks Kessler if he is living with an Orthodox Jew, Kessler explains that he and his parents are at odds over their beliefs.

—Blue Lives Matter founder won’t partner with New York Jets due to a player’s social media post—

Kessler said his parents watch “the American History Channel and its constant anti-German [anti-nazi] propaganda,” before saying that both of his parents are totally “cucked.”

Looks like Kessler is a broke-ass bigot and said he’s got so many lawsuits against him that he has to live with his parents to make ends meet.

That’s really sad when even your own dad doesn’t like you.

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