February 24, 2024

Woman charged with murder after Facebook feud with cop’s daughter

Woman charged with murder after Facebook feud with cops daughter news 1x1.trans

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On Monday, a Chicago woman was ordered to be held without bail on a first-degree murder charge after she ran over an 18-year-old woman with her Jeep.

Chynna Stapleton, 24, had been feuding both on Facebook and in person with Tatyanna Lewis, 18, who is the daughter of a Chicago police officer, over a man. He was Lewis’ boyfriend but was the father of Stapleton’s child, and on Friday night, the feud escalated into a fistfight that was joined by several bystanders.

According to prosecutors, Stapleton then got into her Jeep, bloodied, after the fight was over, with a 13-year-old in the back seat. Lewis kicked a passenger-side door, and Stapleton reportedly shouted, “I’ve got something for you,” according to Assistant State’s Attorney Jamie Santini.

Lewis and several other bystanders were walking away when Stapleton took a sharp turn and drove the Jeep over the curb onto the lawn. Lewis tripped and fell as she was trying to run away, and Stapleton hit her with the vehicle, pinning her to a tree. Lewis was stuck to the car as Stapleton threw it into reverse, and Stapleton continued to drag Lewis until she was pulled under, at which point Stapleton shifted into drive and drove over Lewis with both the front and back tires.

Lewis was taken to the hospital but was pronounced dead of multiple blunt force injuries.

Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil noted that the fistfight was over by the time Stapleton got into the Jeep, ignoring claims that she was provoked by Lewis’ language.

“Not only did you hit her, you dragged her,” the judge said to Stapleton. “All the while you’ve got a 13-year-old in the back seat. … You are a danger to yourself and society.”

Jesse Jackson calling for a Facebook Live moratorium —

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