March 4, 2024

How to Remove Black Mold

When people have to face the task of cleaning up black mold many people don’t know where to begin. Well ill start with the good news, cleaning up black toxic mold varies very little to any other type of mold. The bad news however is that its toxic properties require protective clothing to ensure you remain safe during the removal.

So lets begin with the steps involved. The first and most important step in any mold clean up operation is the locating and stopping of the initial cause of moisture build up. This could be a leaking pipe or a hole in the roof for example. Unless this flow of water is stopped permanently there is little point beginning to remove the black mold as it can grow back in as little as 24 hours.

Before you begin clean ensure all excessive moisture is removed from the area. The general area should be as dry as possible, leaving enough moisture for prevent a dust flare up when the mold is disturbed.

Ensure you have effectively sealed off the contaminated area using all means possible. Black Mold spores become airborne during cleaning and will easily spread to various locations in the home. The best method of sealing off the area is tape and clear plastic sheeting. Many people leave a window or air extractor leading outside running to minimize the mold build in the room during the removal phase.

The next step in Black Mold removal is the extraction of the mold itself. The best way to begin is by removing any mass that is completely contaminated and beyond saving. Sheets of mold can be easily scraped off and should all be placed in heavy-duty plastic bags that can be sealed to prevent the mold spores exiting.

Scrub off the bulk of black mold using soap based products; this will lift the majority and make life easier. Once removed attack the same areas and all surrounding areas with bleach and disinfectant products. This will ensure you kill all the black mold particles that scatter around the room. You may be surprised that’s all that’s needed to kill this toxic substance.

Once all the mold is gone and disinfected, dry the rooms out well, dehumidifiers are excellent products to aid in this. This will ensure no moisture is left for missed black mold particles to begin growing in once more.

That’s all there is to it. Save yourself some money and attack that black mold yourself.

For more information on Black Mold Removal. John Giveks offers detailed advice on all the steps involved in Black Mold Removal.

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