April 19, 2024

Ken Paves Self Help – News

Ken Paves the renowned hair stylist whose shampoo and conditioners are extremely popular launched his new line of hair care products called ‘Self Help Hair Care by Ken Paves’. This line has been especially designed for tresses that are aging, or damaged. No harsh ingredients or harmful synthetics have been used in them. In fact Ken Paves avoids using any chemicals in his line of hair care products and is a firm advocate of natural ingredients. Ken Paves self help uses active raw botanicals that help color treated hair to return to its natural healthier state. This special line’s ingredients enhance the elasticity, strength and softness of the hair.

Now women who worry about their hair turning dull and thinning can turn to Ken Paves Self Help and save their tresses and give them a new life. Women now shouldn’t be concerned about taking care of stressed out hair. Ken Paves has selected some lovely names for this new line of Self Help Hair Care products. Sulfate Free Integrity Hydrophobicity Enhancing Shampoo and The Fountain of Youth Conditioner gently clean and nourishes colored hair. Get Deep is a nourishing balm that helps the hair to restore its natural elasticity. The Power of Now gives a boost to the hair color and the Shining Soul adds volume to hair. For hair styling Healthy Boundaries and Stop Putting up Walls are hair sprays and styling mist that help hair retain their strength.

This exciting new line of Ken Paves hair care products have been welcomed by women who were suffering with damaged hair and especially colored hair. Their exciting names also entice women to buy them and since it’s well known that Ken Paves only uses natural ingredients women welcome them.

You can buy Ken Paves Self Help from his store on the internet or from shops that sell beauty products. You can also read reviews about these products on the internet and in fashion magazines and you can also visit the site on Facebook. Like all Ken Paves products the Self Help line comes as a welcomed line of hair care products.


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